Love yourself !

This note was originally written by a highschool friend of mine, Christa Sabathaly with the title  Monday cosmo frenzy : think twice before you like someone.

I may not jump into conclusion but this is what i’ve got from this pain ; dear you, don’t waste your time. In the end, you deserve someone better. (a note to self)

Thanks a lot, Ta ! Your nice writing pieces are awesome as always 🙂

Before you decide to like someone, please make sure that he/she is worth that level of likeliness.

If you did not do that,  then the worst way to start and end your day will happen perpetually. When you wake up, you’ll miss someone who does not misses you, and when you go to bed, you’ll think of someone who does not even want to have you as cameo in his/her dreams.

love me.. love me not..

Though some people would say, you cannot control your heart, actually, you could if you want to. Your heart contains the same substance exist in your mind, it was made from the same factory, only that your heart has the most fragile material, when your mind has the most powerful material. You won’t let weaknesses beat you, will you?

Trust me, when you know that someone does not like you back, he/she does not like you AT ALL. They don’t like you even a little bit. Well, you can have hopes of course- if you also would like to suffer and wait in vain for it to bloom to reality.

In terms of feeling, there is only black or white, and no such thing is in between. So, when you start to make all those groundbreaking efforts to make that person fall in love with you, that’s the moment when you will soon fail. If they don’t like you today, they are not the person for you tomorrow, next week, or even in the next 15 years despite of anything you wear, or anything you can say and give to them.

When you put logic into your sense of likeliness to someone, you’ll have the power trip any love life can never provide. You will realize, how easy it is to love someone who’s already in love with you, you will embrace how amazing it is not being the one who’s trying too hard all the time, and most of all, you are happy for the things that you already have in your life.

Look around, look beside you, do not force yourself to someone who is so close in your heart but so out of reach – what’s the point of missing the moon in a daytime when you have the sun? And what’s the point of missing the night when it’s warm and fuzzy in the afternoon?

Just think of it logically, instead of making everything so emotional!

If you are a boy, stop acting like a girl.

And if you are a girl, try becoming a woman.

Love who you are, and love those, whom deserve the best inside of you, not those  pricks who bring out the awkward-melancholic bastard in you. When one is not that into you, do leave them, depart, MOVE ON; and don’t spare the attention, it’s their lost, and it’s your victory.

One day in the near future, I promise you, they will look  at you from far and see the real, dazzling, shimmering you, not long after your “departure” from their lives.

By that time, probably you can have them easily, or you can just look away when they are starting to approach you-because you just don’t feel the same way to them anymore–hey, practice makes perfect!

The secret to avoid heart break and self destruction is within your control, and control can be yours if you can first conquer yourself..

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” -Haruki Murakami-


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