The mountainous country of Armenia

No, i will not tell my own travel stories about Armenia this time. I haven’t visited there before. But somebody today, posted this very cool links (came up with beautiful pictures too) into the group. As we might all know, Armenia is the country of living stones, quickly changing landscapes, beautiful views and 90% of the country are mountains. And, and, and, enough said.

I deeply in LOVE with these following pictures :

Here i go..

1. Noravank

The road to Noravank 

2. Tatev

3. Vanadzor

4. Goris

5. Bjni

6. Debed Canyon

7. Lake Sevan

8. Mount Azhdahak

Which one is your fave ? Hopefully one day i’ll be at one of those above places. *fingerscrossed*

Thanks a lot, Suren Hakobyan.



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